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    Are the nonprofits you support achieving all they can?

    Online bootcamps enable nonprofit teams across China to build essential skills.
    Stronger staff means better performance
    and more value delivered to beneficiaries, colleagues, and donors.
  • Why it matters

    Build trust and leverage current giving

    Imagine how much charitable funding is being managed by teams who haven't yet built core social innovation skills.


    Foundations, funders, and advisors can utilize our scalable, proven solution to improve performance among the organizations you support.


    As skills build and communication improves, so will confidence that giving is achieving its full potential.

  • Invest in upskilling the people that impact

    the issues you care about.

    Improve performance among the teams that use giving to create change

  • Get the most from capacity building spending

    It's a surprising fact that when funds for capacity building are included in a grant, the grantees face challenges in spending the money well, and often the funds go unspent.


    Why? Because most capacity building products are outdated and offer a low return on the time and money invested.


    Traditional training solutions have failed to deliver. It's time to for organizations to get the help they need to succeed.

    A solution for grant managers

    With donors, we set up scholarships for current or future grantee organizations to attend bootcamps. Once grantees are enrolled and learning, we engage donors in the process, sharing what's being learned within the donor's foundation and using course content to upskill foundation staff as needed.

    How it works

    Practical, accessible learning helps teams to get aligned and start building toward a better future.


    That Spark's bootcamps offer a systematic approach to building the most essential skills within teams, engaging everyone from frontline staff to middle managers to leaders.


    Bootcamps help teams focus on their purpose and goals, use resources effectively, and advance toward achieving their missions.


    Good capacity building solutions have three parts:

    1. Curriculum design centered on learner needs, focusing on the empowerment and support that matches their current skills level and provides what they need to learn next;
    2. Systematic learning that fits real workplace scenarios, instead of just providing an ideal conceptual framework;
    3. The combination of learning and practicing with current work projects, instead of practicing with hypothetical cases; giving feedback in time to let users clarify how to practice and how to optimize.
  • Bootcamps have strong engagement from participants and high satisfaction from donors

  • 8 out of 10

    Participants scored bootcamps 8 out of 10 in terms of helping them achieve the goals of gaining knowledge and skills, applying knowledge into practice, and being able to resolve previous challenges.

    8.6 out of 10

    Donors and organization leaders rated the ROI on bootcamps 8.63 out of 10


    Participants who completed 90% or more of bootcamp assignments

  • "Sit down, open your mouth, and chew. This is what you have to do. That Spark is here to feed you."

    Gaoyuan, Fusion China

    "Very professional courses, accompanied learning, and a good atmosphere."

    Han Min, Taishan Xiaohe Charity

    "Very professional, simple and thorough explanation, very applicable in work scenarios."

    Zhang Wen, Shenzhen Henghui Charity Foundation

    "From the perspective of the learning process and the interactive content, I feel that our original vision (purchasing courses for our partners) was initially achieved. The bootcamp courses actually broke through everyone's fear of evaluation to a large extent."

    Feng Yuan, Project Director of Narada Foundation

  • In their words

    How learning with That Spark is making a real difference for both donors and organizations

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