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    At That Spark, professionals in China's social impact sector can take their work to the next level.


    We break down the barriers of language and place to bring expert content and user-centered learning experiences to China's changemakers, to help them solve the challenges of their generation and make their contribution toward a better world.

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    Useful resources from global social sector practice, translated into Chinese. Easy to search and find on China's web.

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    Inspiring stories that uncover how everyday people in China are doing remarkable work.

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    Transformative learning experiences


    A place to put theory into practice and gain skills while building a network of supportive peers and experienced coaches.

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    Learners and experts guide the content we share based on what they say is most relevant for them.


    Content creators partner with us to reach the growing market of China's social impact professionals.


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    We share real stories of impact from China's social and philanthropy sector through our podcast and social accounts.


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    Guided by expert coaches, changemakers join our learning experiences to invest in themselves and their peers, to grow personally and professionally.

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