The skills, knowledge, and experiences
    to lead China's nonprofits

  • Capacity building that works

    Hundreds of nonprofit professionals in China have built the skills and mindsets they need to lead, now and in the future.


    Our online bootcamps offer a clear, practical path to better results. Less time searching for answers means more time delivering value to clients, partners, and donors.


    Shifting to a product mindset to deliver more value


    Understand the process and key aspects of service design, and create a system to refine and optimize over time


    Sense changing opportunities and respond to the evolving needs of clients and partners

    Monitoring and Evaluation

    Creating a workable M&E system that frontline organizations can start implementing right away


    Demystify M&E for leaders, managers, and frontline staff


    Start from where you are to build a workable system that helps you understand the difference you are making, and to communicate that difference to donors and stakeholders

    Building partnerships with donors that last


    Identify prospects, write compelling proposals, build and maintain strong relationships, and communicate impact


    Understand donors' needs and work in partnership toward a shared mission over the long-term

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    Let's talk about how we can help nonprofits
    to have a better journey to impact

  • Join us

    Are you passionate about supporting the nonprofit sector to thrive?

    Here are some of the many ways to join with us on this mission:


    Sponsor professionals to level up their skills

    We work with donors to build capacity among their partners or grantees.


    Our cohort model allows different organizations to learn together, yielding significant results when supported and encouraged by donors.


    Collaborate as a subject-matter expert

    Learners guide our content and course priorities based on what they say is most relevant for them.


    We are always looking for experts to collaborate with us to create relevant, interesting content for our learners.


    Share stories of learning and impact

    We share real stories from China's social and philanthropy sector through our weekly livestream and social media accounts. Let us know if you have something to share.